Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life Lately. Big News.

I'm feel like the easiest--quickest (nap time will be ending any minute!)  is to do this post as a bulleted list of what's happening.

  • First thing first, Jayce accepted a job about 2-3 months ago with a company that would almost double his income and would make it so I may never have to go back to work and we could still move, get new vehicles and have lots of babies.  He would be gone ALL the time!
    • He had to go out of town for a "strength" test--passed with flying colors
    • He had to have a physical, eye exam & hearing test-- issues arrised.
      • He had sugar in his urine & his blood pressure was horrible
    • The nurse from the company called told him that he had some signs of diabetes and he needed to see his family physician to find out what was going on, etc.
      • Jayce had an appt last week
        • he still had sugar in his urine
          • had to go back the next day for blood tests to test for diabetes, etc.
  • Yesterday the doc called confirmed that he does have Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Today the nurse from the company called and told Jayce because of this diagnosis he is unable to work for them until he gets it under control.
All of this is soooo much to take in.  I hate to even type all of that out.  I mean Jayce is a very determined person so he will be able to overcome this & hopefully take care of this by changing his eatting habits & excerise. It just sucks because of all the opportunites our family had and now we are going to be living the same life ya know.  I mean he has one of the best jobs available in our area so we can't complain but at the same time this was an even better opportunity!
Sorry. I'm done with that pity party! :)

  • Maddux is practically walking-- lots of steps here and there happening!
  • I hung out with one of my "old" best friends last Friday & made plans to hang out again next Friday-- too good to be true to think they are coming around :)  Finally.
  • I have soooo much stuff for Maddux's Birthday Party-- it's pretty much going to be the party of the year ;)
  • We are on month 3 of trying to concieve-- it sucks.  especially since Diabetes can cause infertility ohhhh the worries. :(
Naptime is officially over.  So for now this is all I have to say. 

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