Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This list is going to be simple & to the point.
I try not to make to many resolutions simply because many of them I don't keep.
so... let's begin
  • Take more pictures!
    • I take a picture of Maddux almost daily-- my dad texts me everyday asking how we are doing and instead of sending him a "good" text back we send a picture.
  • Cook More!
    • I think as Maddux gets older I'll get better at cooking breakfast & lunch--right now I just munch for those & dinners I want to get to the point where we are eating at home at least 5 nights a week.  This would be great for us!
  • Start a daily diary for Maddux
    • I want to remember every day of Maddux's childhood--I want him to remember every day & when I read this I knew that I wanted to copy the idea and do the same for Maddux & my future kiddos
    • this one is simple... we really need to work on saving our money.  We are spenders and we really need to work on this.
  • MAKE a baby
    • I'm hoping this happens I want Maddux to have a little brother or sister he loves other kids & I really want my kids close together.
  • Get Healthier
    • I want to be more concious of what we are putting in our mouths & I really want to start going to zumba again. I love zumba & really do miss it!
I know I said I wasn't going to have very many and it kinda went out of hand but things kept coming to my mind...
What are your goals & resolutions for 2012?
I hope this is your best year yet! :)

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