Monday, January 30, 2012

16 year old me.

This has been heavy on my mind lately.
I keep thinking about 16 year old me.
Boy if I could go back...
if I just would've known then what I know now...
Dear 16 year old me,
your beautiful. Embrace who you are. Realize that life is sooo much more than being chased by boys.  Learn that you deserve respect-- but you need to respect yourself before others can.  Stop being that mean girl--you'll be the one calling that boy your husband someday so, let her have her time.  The only approval you need is your moms.  P.S. enjoy that body it will soon fade away & fasttt.

ahhhh. This boy. Where to even begin.  I only wish you knew that someday he will come to his senses and marry you.  Let him be free & you be free.  You deserve so much more than what he has to give right now.  Stop settling with him & move on-- enjoy your teen years when it's meant to be it will be.
&& appreciate that sweet tan & skinny body he's sporting-- age takes it's toll on him.
Just know your happiness shouldn't be on his shoulders. You be happy.
Even though you'll never be as happy as the day you become his wife.
These girls. Let's get real.  Friends come and go.  It's life.
Just know that these girls really mean something and still will later in life.
Stop getting in your petty fights & enjoy one another.
Someday when you need them they might not be there in person but they are always only a phone call away.
&& remember friendship is a two way street-- you get whatcha give.
My biggest thing that I wish that 16 year old me would realize is...
Your worth it.
Plain & Simple.
Stop begging for attention from anybody out there.
Love yourself.
Stop crying over that boy & enjoy yourself.

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  1. Hindsight is always 20/20! I wrote my 17 year old self a similar note last year. Seeking attention, chasing love, & not loving myself got me into so many sad situations! But I've learned from those mistakes & I'm changing!