Saturday, December 4, 2010

ultrasound appt. 24 weeks.

So yesterday we got our first ultrasound done through miracle in motion it was a simple 2d ultrasound... the neat thing with this place is you get a dvd of the whole ultrasound to take home which I loved!! I've watched it a dozen times already!! Crazy to see the lil guy moving around and stuff!
Here is the dvd we recieved at our ultrasound yesterday... it is simply amazingggggg to say the least!
Baby Wilcox did NOT want to photographed at all he did practically the exacty opposite of what we wanted him to the whole time! He was acting shy! Some times you can't make out much of anything and then others its like wow look at him go he litterly was laying like a "C" he looked veryyyy uncomfy but boy oh boy he was not going to move into a better postion for us! If you can't tell what the stuff is in a normal ultrasound pic you probably won't be able to tell what is what in the video... also the quality of the video isn't that great since it is uploaded but be watching around the 3 minute marker he completely turns his body and folds it in half like the "C" I mentioned earlier. Whenever I show anyone the video I stand next to the tv and point out what everything is but since I can't do that for you guys heres just a couple of things....
-at first his head is in the lower left corner hands right about his face & legs up above his body
-later into the ultrasound when she does the 3d sneak peak it is SUPER hard to make out what everything is because he wouldn't look right at us... but you can make out his ear in almost all of them you see his foot in the 2nd one and you get a good look at his face in that one as well...
sorry that the video is hard to make & understand & I'm sure no one else will think this is nearly as awesome as what I do but after you watch it a dozen times you pick out more and more things u didn't notice before!! :)  

We have scheduled our first 3d ultrasound for the 30th of December I will be 28 weeks & then at the appt we will schedule our next one which will be at 33 weeks so around Feb 8th!

If you live in the Fort Wayne or surrounding area you should check out her webpage at....
We absolutely loved our experience there & are so excited to go back! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed.

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  1. I love this dvd it makes me want to cry every time I watch it. Your Dad and I sit here and watched it again. We are looking forward to going with you at your next appointment. I can't wait to meet are little man. Love you forever and ever Mom :)