Friday, December 31, 2010

Ultrasound (28 weeks-3D)

So everything went great at the ultrasound!!!
He even cooperated most of the time... He was laying up against the placenta so you will notice in most of the pictures and during the video that the left side of his face is a little blurry because of this--We tried to get him to move away from it but he was comfortable and didn't want to.  We got 50 images on a disc plus 20 print outs (some 2d, some b&w 3d & some color 3d) we also got the dvd of course...

From the ultrasound we can now say that he has my cheeks, Jayce's lips & a definite Wilcox nose.  Oh & he has Hair!! :)

Here is a small clip of the 30 minute dvd we have :) 
sorry if it isn't a good clip- my computer kept freezing so finally i decided to just pick a spot and go with it!


 this was the very first 3d we saw of him... look at those cheeks!! Crazy to imagine how much they will grow in the next 10-12 weeks!!

 this little face broke my heart--looks like he is going to cry.

 rubbing his little eye.
Like I said earlier we recieved a ton more pictures those are just some of my faves. 
If you are pregnant and are considering getting this done I would completely recommend it! 
It made Jayce & I feel that much more in love with him & so much more excited! 
Hope you guys enjoyed!! 

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  1. I can't wait till I can kiss his little chubby cheeks. It was so exciting yesterday. It's amazing how much you can see in the ultrasound. I love you forever