Thursday, December 16, 2010

26 weeks- Surprise!! :)

So... 26 weeks not much has changed since last week getting more used to him moving around in all the awkward places in there. I'm learning how to make myself comfortable after he gets cozy. This has been such a busy week, you would think it would be a relaxing one since my new schedule at work started only working Wednesday & Friday but it hasn't.  I ended up working Monday for a few hours & it was my mommas birthday so I wanted to spend some time with her then I had Tuesday off but Jayce ended up coming home sick from work but once he got some medicine in him he began feeling better so we went & got new tires put on my car, got plates for his truck & took care of some other things then we went & registered at Babies R Us & then that evening I had a meeting at work--which much to my surprise turned out to be a meeting/surprise baby shower!! It was super sweet of the girls to put it all together! :) I'll add more to that in a bit.  Then Wednesday I had to work & then later that night we had our Christmas program at the Y-- I was sooo nervous about because the kids didn't do to hot rehearsing earlier in the day, but it all turned out perfect!! :)  & today I have the day off so, I have started laundry, started cleaning out the closet in the nursery, started cleaning my house-- I say that I started doing all of these things because none of them actually got finished because I got tired & began to sweat so I stopped. :)  So, now I am relaxing, watching a movie, blogging & just getting ready to eat some lunch!! So as you can see this week hasn't been a relaxing one it has actually been quite busy & it's only going to get more hectic next week preparing for Christmas & then the following week having numerous appointments.
So... Like I said earlier we went and registered at Babies R Us... this was actually a hard task for us because we have really enjoyed shopping for our little one & we prefer to just buy stuff when we see it which as I've said before he has a TON of clothes so, we mainly registered for the little necessities that you need! We did register for 3 larger items--our monitor, our swing/bouncer (my favorite #1 wanted item on the registry) & the breast pump.  I'm still not sure when we will be having the shower I'm thinking in early February but that could change. 
Now to the Surprise Baby Shower at work... it was just a little thing considering there are only 9 of us that work in the childcare but it was still so thoughtful of all of them. They got me a Bumbo, Bumbo tray, a couple small toys, a diaper cake with lots of goodies & a card.  We played a few cute little games & ate some yummy food!! =D  The shower turned out great & I appreciate everything they did for it! If it wasn't for the girls I worked with I would go insane!! :)  the wonderful girls I work with... this wasn't at the surprise shower this was the next night after our Christmas program! :) They are great!

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26 weeks.

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  1. That was very thoughtful of the girls at the Y, And you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I cant wait for christmas and then after that week maybe you can relax and get the babys room done and the your house just the way you want things. If you need help just let me know. I Love you forever and ever babe.