Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 weeks.

This past week we had our doctor appt.-- Our last one with our "original" doctor.
She said things looked great & we listened to his heart and she said that it was perfect like always so that was good to know.  The only thing that was a downer at that appointment was that she said she wants me to do the glucose testing AGAIN... I was sooo bummed I wanted to cry I don't know why it upset me so much but it really bothered me knowing I had to do it all over again.  So, we will do that testing when I'm 28 weeks (I plan on doing it the week before so I know the results are back before my 28 week doctor appt.)  I'm very nervous about doing the test again simply because I was so close to failing last time.  There really hasn't been anything going on to blog about hopefully with the holidays getting closer I will have more to say plus the week of Christmas we have 2 very exciting appointments... I start going to the doctors every 2 weeks starting that week, we meet the new doctor & We have our first 3D ultrasound appointment!! I can't wait for it to get here!... This week I did get some wedding gifts put up & I organized my living room... I definitely got bit by the nesting bug-- don't worry it didn't last long just long enough to do the living room. On another note I haven't had many complaints during my pregnancy I seriously have enjoyed being pregnant but yesterday I was sooooo uncomfortable I couldn't sit down without feeling like I was squishing my insides & baby for that matter it was HORRIBLE... I was just absolutely miserable nothing made this better even standing was uncomfortable and would make my back hurt... I'm hoping my body adjusts soon and this gets better soon because I hate to not feel like I can enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy like I was able to in the past. That is all I have to update so far... Have a wonderful week!!


How far along?  25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  well last week I gained a whopping 5.5 lbs so thats makes it a total 16 lbs.

Food cravings:  brownie dough, Bacon Cheeseburgers (Red Robin--no one else's compare), BLT's & IHOP breakfast :)

Best moment this week: hanging out with friends on Friday-- We went to dinner and then a local bar to listen to a band... the band was great! I loved catching up with the girls & getting to meet the new boys in their lives which I totally approve us & think they both are awesome!! :) So happy they found some good guys finally!! The only downer was that I was totally uncomfortable being the "pregnant girl" at the bar I just felt like I shouldn't be there so I realized you won't be finding me in a bar for quite sometime!! But it was still awesome to see the friends I've been missing!! :)

Gender:  BoY!

Stretchies: 2 new ones on the front of my stomach... :( they are really tiny--hopefully they stay that way!

What I miss: not being soooo uncomfortable!
What I am looking forward to: Christmas--being 28 weeks--meeting the new doctor--3D ultrasound appt :) :)

Symptoms: aches & pains, heartburn off & on, headaches, mood swings

Belly Button in or out?  still working its way out... looking pretty funny right now :)

Movement: more & more each day-- He LOVESSSS music (we go to my cousins basketball games & he is always kicking-they have the band play on and off at his games, also we went to our nephew's school christmas program and he was everywhere during the performance he loved it)

Milestones: We have the nursery ALMOST done we just have to hang up his decor!! 

Emotions: they have been a little more loose this past week :)  Jayce has been experiencing mood swings to though so our household has been a little cranky at times.  

Sleep: nothing to complain about considering I know it'll just get worse!


  1. I can't wait till I feel him kick and for the ultrasound appt. I am sooo excited. And as for the mood swings,weight gain, heartburn, and just being uncomfortable it will be worth it when you see that little man in march trust me I know. Love ya forever Mom

  2. good luck with your next glucose test! make sure you dont eat anything sugary before hand :)