Monday, December 20, 2010

3rd trimester!!--27 weeks, Pepperoni face, Movement & Christmas.

Well I'm officially in my 3rd & final trimester!! I can not believe how fast this is going I mean I seriously feel like it was yesterday when we found out we were expecting.  From all the blogs I read I think I have had the easiest pregnancy possible-- hoping this doesn't change in this last trimester. 
This past week nothing new has really happened other than a sudden case of acne.  I've never struggled with acne so this to me is bad.  My make-up covers some of it but not good enough. I post on the bumb regularly & a lot of the women on there are saying how they don't feel like the cute pregnant lady anymore because of the weight they have gained & I just can't relate I mean the weight I have gained is all right in my belly mainly so I only see pregnancy weight & I can't think thats bad when I know the little guy is for the reason I'm getting as large as an elephant butttt this acne I can't find ANYTHING positive about it... I have been doing more to prevent this acne than I have preventing stretch marks! If any of you have ANY kind of solution to get rid of the pepperonis that are appearing alllll over my face (& chest-forgot to mention the mess appearing there) I am all ears & would love some advice!!
Early in week 25( & before then) I experienced A LOT of movement & then that horrible Thursday came where I was miserable & in a lot of pain and feeling a lot of pressure and ever since then the little guy hasn't moved nearly as much--I'm chalking it up to be because he is running out of room?? He is positioning himself differently?? I'm just not really sure I still feel him a few times a day so I know he's still kicking in there but I just don't feel it as much.  Last doctor appt I told her I was concerned about the amount of movement I felt but she said not to let it bother me & once he is around 29-30 weeks then we can do kick counts & things like that to make sure he is doing alright but I'm thinking since I have an appt next week with the new doc that I will just ask him & tell him how I feel... Hopefully he will have a "good" reason for the little movement going on. 
Christmas is on its wayyyyyyy!! I just can't believe that it's almost here! :) :)  Christmas eve is by far my favorite day of the year!  Normally by this point I have all my presents bought & wrapped, well this year is different I have about a third of my presents bought & none of them wrapped. Thank God I only have to work 1 day this week or I dont know what I would do!  I hate waiting till the last minute but I mainly have gift cards & stuff like that to buy (I think) so my shopping shouldn't be to hard.  I also loveee to wrap presents but I only like to wrap like 10 presents at a time & then thats enough for me & I have to stop do something else for awhile & then wrap some more later, I don't think I'm going to have that option this year.  I may have to do a lot of gift bags :)
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day are just CRAZY busy for us... We have 2 family gatherings on Christmas eve--both in the evening Jayce's dad side & my dad's side. Then Christmas day we have a lot.... we go to my parents in the morning, my dad's side always does lunch, my mom's side has a get together during the day, Jayce's mom's side has a get together during the day & then another that night that his extended family comes to... We also have to have a christmas with his mom then another with his dad. This year we will be splitting up on Christmas eve He will go to his get together I will go to mine & then Christmas we will just have to split our time up--this is always no fun it makes it so we spend most of our time driving from place to place.  Next year this will be even harder to split our time up with the baby and all-- I'm not really willing to not go to my gathering on Christmas Eve we have had that tradition in my family since well forever & I just look back on my childhood christmas' and I have the best memories from those get togethers... & well Jayce really doesn't want to give up his Christmas Eve tradition with his family so we are splitting up this year but next year we will want the baby to go to both so hopefully one of the sides can change there time because as of right now they start at the same time soooo... We are going to enjoy this last Christmas the same way we have as the past and do our own thing Christmas Eve & Christmas Day try to go everywhere & we will worry about next year when the time comes...

I hope everyone has a very blessed Holiday & is able to spend it with loved ones!!

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  1. We will get the holidays worked out by next year because I want to make sure that we can spend alot of time together. Christmas at my familys is always way to short it seems like you just get there and have to leave. I can't wait for your Dr's appointment. I hope he is just as nice and understanding as your last Dr. Love you forever