Thursday, December 30, 2010

28 weeks!

So We've made it through another month!!-- I say it all the time but this pregnancy is just flyinggg by!!... I'm sure hoping the next couple months go just as fast!! I really have enjoyed being pregnant but I'm just ready to meet this lil guy!!

So earlier in the week we had our "first" appointment with our "new" Doctor.  He was GREAT--such a relief! He was a really nice guy which made me feel much better about choosing to switch to a male doctor.  I was so nervous mainly that being the reasoning but after the visit I felt great about the choice we made!  It was a very fast appointment did the normal stuff--weight, heartbeat, measurement that kind of stuff.  He said at our next appt (in 3 weeks) that he was try to find out what position the baby is in. I'm excited that I have something to look forward to he said we will also talk about some labor stuff too--crazy to think it is already time to start discussing some of those issues!

Glucose Testing results= I passed (i think)  I say that because Monday morning before my appt. I called to find out the results.  The nurse put me on hold and came back saying I passed with a 132 which I was super estatic about considering I did not want to have to go through anymore testing!! Well, when I got to my appt my nurse told me that she couldn't find the results or she didn't have them yet... so I was going to use the patient portal and contact them and find out if my results just hadn't been filed or if the nurse just gave me the wrong information?? I have forgot to email them until this morning, in which, I tried and failed at this attempt because I forgot my login information so plan on calling them... soon.  

Baby Wilcox is finally on the go he is quite the little mover inside of their now--Which I love!! He is to the point where he kicks multiple times right in a row so it is easier for ppl to feel the little guy kick! The Hubs got to feel him kick a couple times christmas eve, he said he is pretty sure that is the first kicks he's "really" felt... so I guess the last time he felt it he really didn't?? && Then the other day my mom & I went to the movies to watch Little Fockers (super funny)  & he began to kick so I had to tell her she may be able to feel the little guy move and sure enough as soon as she put her hand on my stomach he gave her 3 hard jabs!! :) She loved it!! She was then able to feel him again later that night at a family gathering he moved quite a bit for her then!!

Later today we go for our 3D/4D ultrasound!!! I can't wait!! We have my parents, my grandma, his grandma & his mom all coming with... we are excited they get to experience this with us... my parents and grandma came to the ultrasound that we found the sex out but this is the first for his mom & grandma I'm excited they all get to come-- the room for the ultrasound is huge... it has a large tv that the image is on and it also is projected onto the wall & there are 2 couches in there for ppl to sit on so it is plenty big enough for everyone! I will post the video & pictures & my 28 week bump picture later--like hopefully tomorrow!! :)

I also hope to finally post some great xmas presents we got!! :)

Have a great day everyone!! :)

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  1. I am so excited about the ultra sound, and I loved to feel are little man kick it was just to sweet. Love ya forever.