Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 Months!

weight: 13 lbs 10 oz.
Diaper Size: 1-2
Clothes: 0-3

Time sleeping almost all night in his crib
First Trip to the Zoo
First time going to dinner & Wal-mart with out mom & dad--Gma & Gpa Rowe took you
First time pooping on your dad.
First infection--on your thumb nail :(
First Pool Purchased
First time skinny dipping
Random Facts
You are such a Happy Baby--You smile ALL the time! :)
Wrigley & Addison live with us now.
You are hard to please at times.
Some days you love your swing some days you hate it
You are coming closer & closer to rolling over everyday.
You LOVE mickey mouse-- We watch it a few times everyday!
Momma bought you a book that has all the songs from the Mickey Show.
You are somewhat of a Momma's boy.
You had a couple days where you were super cranky this month.
You have still only stayed with Gma & Gpa Rowe (you stay with them every other week)
your starting to sqeal in delight of things.

Funny Tidbit
OK so this month it's another pooping tidbit... You do other things that make momma & daddy laugh but nothing was funnier than this...
One day we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & you started passing gas really loudly--thank goodness we were at home because this wasn't just kinda loud this was super loud! anywho, then you began to poop & you normally take awhile so we were finishing our show & you were still going strong at about 10 minutes into I was amazed at how much you were going thinking to myself I hope you don't poop out of your diaper... well before I could even finish my thought I moved you and looked down and sure enough you had came out of your diaper & onto my leg so I of course gave you to your dad to have him change you... since we figured you had been pooping forever at this point & just had to be done so daddy started to change you & mid change you began to poop some more...right in your dads HAND now as you know your daddy has a horrible time with things like this & he began screaming for me telling me to hurry so I run out to you guys & he tells me you pooped in his hand and he rushed to the bathroom while gagging the whole way there... he then threw up as soon as he made it to the bathroom! So, yes you pooped on moms leg, dads hand & made him throw up! It was definatly a good laugh! :)

Sweet Baby Maddux I can't believe you are 3 months today! We are loving every minute of being your parents.  You are bringing us some many smiles, laughs, tears & joy already.  I can't imagine being blessed with you forever.  We thank God everyday for you are perfect little boy. 
 Momma & Daddy love you always & forever. :)

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  1. He is so handsome and I enjoy him so much it is amazing how much he has changed in these past few months. He is always smiling and talking. I love that little guy so much.