Thursday, June 16, 2011

I couldn't live without... {months 1-3}

Ok so I know some other Mom bloggers have done things like this--some do it monthly but I've decided I will do it every 3 months at least for the first year...
So here we go Things I couldn't live without.
  • Playtex Bottles (specifically VentAire & Drop-Ins)
These are the only bottles that Maddux uses… we had bought tons of Tommy Tippy bottles but those were making him spit up a lot so we switched & are in love with these they really minimize the air that he takes in!
  • Blankets—We really love soft ones but really just in general blankets…
ok so the reason I listed this is because I was one of those people that got an enormous amount of blankets for gifts! I mean I had a ton and thought I had wayyy to many but no way.  I catch myself sometimes thinking I need more! I mean I prolly go through at least one if not two blankets a day on average… He either pees or pukes on them… so I really don’t know what I would do without all of them!
  • Boppy
I used this a lot when I was breastfeeding but when that came to an end I didn’t use it to much but now I use it for Maddux to sleep in yes I know  he should have nothing around him in his crib but this has made the transition to his crib smoother
  • Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
at first Maddux didn’t care for this to much but then around month 2 he began to sleep so much better being swaddled plus it keeps him nice & warm.
  • My Parents!
seriously nothing describes the love they have for Maddux it’s amazing.  I never imagined them to be like this—I knew they would love him but they are perfect Grandparents & ALWAYS lending a helping hand!! We are so blessed to have them in our life.  :) Maddux loves them so much too!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & The Heat Basketball Games!
Yes my child watches TV… I see nothing wrong in this & he loves it… I know he doesn’t understand it but Mickey & The Heat Games really calm him down & he loves to look at all the colors—He will even smile when some of the mickey characters talk… It’s adorable! :)
  • Butt Paste
Maddux hasn’t really had a bad diaper rash but his little bum does get a little red sometimes & I just have to use this once & it clears it right up!
  • Baby Mirror for my car
I don’t have this brand but what I do have is very similar & I LOVE it! I love being able to see if he’s sleeping or why he is fussing & what not. 

Those Items though simple are seriously life savors!! I love all of them & would recommend all of these items to expecting parents! :)


  1. I do not know what we did without grandkids. They can put a smile on your face no matter what kind of mood your in. I love the pictures you send me at work they make my day. Love you guys forever and ever.

  2. we loved the boppy in the crib too :) it was easier to transition too thats so awesome he is sleeping in his crib now good job mommy!