Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is tonight the night??

Ok... so this goes with the post about Maddux not sleeping in his crib at night but doing great with naps... you can find that here... I got a couple great comments & I really thought about how tonight was going to go.  Well bedtime for the Hubs came & I needed to shower so he took Maddux & laid down in our bed to try and get him to go to sleep well... Maddux had other plans (normally I'm the one to lay down with him) he cried the whole time I was in the shower so when I got out I decided since I wasn't tired I would go rock him in his room then lay him down once he fell asleep well this worked great until of course I layed him down & 5 minutes later (if that) his paci fell out so in I go I did this back and fourth for prolly 10 more minutes until I decided to give up tonight and just bring him in my bed even though I wasn't tired I wanted him to go to sleep so that's what we did & like always he fell right to sleep! After he slept for about 30-40 minutes I was still wide awake playing on my phone I decided to try to move him to his bed & that my friends is where the boy is at now... In his bed-- I hate to jinx myself but I'm hoping that tonight will be the night! (even though I currently hear him moving--his monitor is amazing you can hear him suck on his paci it's crazy clear) Well I'll update tomorrow on how tonight went.. He's been in his bed for about 5 minutes!! :)
**this picture is NOT from tonight he is not swaddled but he is laying in his boppy...

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