Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Over It!—Co sleeping.


ok so… It’s not that I mind co-sleeping because I really don’t I have a “it is what it is” attitude but now it’s getting frustrating not necessarily him sleeping in my bed but here’s the situation…

Naps are going extremely well in his crib! He takes a short nap in the morning about 1 hr. and then an awesome nap in the afternoon 2-4 hrs. I can lay him down a lot of the time and he doesn’t make a peep and goes right to sleep. 

Bedtime is a different story… He will cry and cry and cry… It’s bad! I hate to let him cry so I try to console him I try rocking him then laying him down nothing works… He wakes up after 5 minutes or so… I still try every night but I’m really struggling with it it gets so frustrating! I’m not doing anything different from his naps… I’m not sure what to do anymore other than make him cry it out one night & I don’t think I can do that!…

I have thought about taking away his pacifier because it seems like that is causing problems at night & at some naps its like as soon as it falls out of his he wakes up and screams… just anymore advice would be great.  Please no that I’m not against co-sleeping because like I said it’s not that I don’t like it… nothing is better than waking up with Maddux next to me but I know he can do this so I want to do it. 


  1. check out the bottom two articles on this website

    Rylin has a hard time falling asleep all the time even though we co-sleep its a constant struggle to get her to sleep and to stay asleep! I am trying some of the tips and tricks on this site and I also feel as if I am replacing her pacifier 24/7!!! hope that helps and please share anything that works for you! I would love to get her napping on her own especially since school is starting soon and i need study time!!!

  2. totally can relate.

    my son refuses to go to sleep in his bed. he will NOT fall asleep with out mom or dad. period.

    so, now i move him after he falls asleep. i figure, its only a matter of time before he catches on.

    oh the things we do for our children. while trying to somehow maintain a small sense of self.