Wednesday, February 15, 2012

23 Life Lessons of My 23rd. {part 1}

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today we get to celebrate me & my birthday! :)

In honor of my birthday I want to write 23 life lessons I've learnt it my 23 short years

I will be breaking this up into 4 posts. Because it became a pretty long post if I didn't.


1. God is Everything.
it took me almost 21 years to figure this one out. I can honestly say that my life and everything else for the matter have meant so much more since beginning this religious journey.

2.Family is number 1.
This to took many years to figure out... it took me watching someone that I loved more than anything struggle.  It was then when I realized how much my family really means to me & how no matter what you are always there for family. Always.

3.Good Friends are hard to find & even harder to keep.
I've talked about this many times... Friends come and go. It's sad but it's life. Life happens and sometimes people jump off but that just means they are "true" friends. Find the "true" ones and appreciate them, seek them, let them know how much their friendship really means to you & don't let it go.

4. High School is for learning not to find your soul mate. (in some cases like mine you luck out & do)
Jayce & I go back to my 8th grade year. Crazy.  But I wish I knew then what I know now.  I loved him I did every time he broke up with me.  I would tell anyone I was going to marry him someday.  But those break ups were hard.  They brought me down. Bad.  The first break up I cried almost everyday of the 3 months we were apart.  I just wish that I knew that my high school years shouldn't have been spent trying to please him that someday he would come back around and grow some balls and some brains and ask me to be his wife.

5. Your Mom is Meant to be Your Best Friend.
I was lucky I learnt this early in life.  My mom & I were always best friends.  We spent a lot of times together & I would tell her almost anything.  While most girls in high school spent there time trying to hide things from their moms I was having lunch with mine telling her all the latest gossip.
I know I'm lucky to have such an awesome mom--but just remember how much you love your child & you'll know how much she loves you.

6. Rumors will fade.
I didn't deal with this much but it took one time & one thing plastered ALL over facebook from one of my so called friends who was mad at me at the time for a rumor to spread like a wildfire about me.  I learnt real fast to just let things go and that no one will remember this in a couple weeks & God forbid believe the rumor!


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