Monday, February 20, 2012

The BIG possibly never ending break...

I feel like this has been sneaking up on me for the past month or two... I feel like you deserve some answers especially if your one of my new followers.

There are a few reasons that I'm doing this...

1.) I feel like the past few months bloggers have really lost touch with why most of us blog. People are beginning to tear others down with rude and judgemental comments. Luckily I haven't experienced this but a couple of times and it's just responses I see on twitter shortly after I link a post up. It hurts but not as bad as what it could.

2.) Maddux is the biggest busy body you'll ever meet... I'm sure you think I'm exaggerating but trust me if you were to meet him you would understand almost everyone comments on how busy and grabby he is that I litteraly just don't have te time for this anymore... Plus my laptop broke thanks to Maddux so I can't be in the same room as him and I really need to take nap time for time to prepare lunch, clean, shower, read my bible or workout not to sit on the computer.

3.) Renovations-- hubs and I just started like last week renovating our house starting with our bedroom then the kitchen then the bathroom then madduxs room then our living room and lastly a playroom or baby number 2s room so I'm wanting to focus on that and not worry about when my last post was...

4.) Stress-- this blog is starting to stress me out and that is the last thing I need. I don't want to worry about what I'll write about or when I'll find time to write. When I come back I want a plan and I want a passion for it.

5.) I really want to focus on my etsy shop and get that out there I am trying to learn how to gain more clients etc. I love making the wedding favors and have gotten a huge amount of positive feedback from not only the brides that are purchasing them but also their guests! So, I just really want my main focus to be on that!

So, you will still see a 11 month post that is now a week late a 1 year post in a few short weeks and a birthday party wrap up once I get the photos back! But other than that I am goin to focus on me, my shop, my baby & trying to reproduce baby number 2 :)

I will still update twitter, instagram, Facebook & pinterest often!

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