Friday, February 17, 2012

23 Life Lessons on My 23rd {part 3}

14. Teach Your Husband the Good & the Bad.
This sounds a little funny but I seriously think this is HUGE.  You need to let your significant other know the things they should and shouldn't do-- it's those little lessons that will prevent stupid arguements. For instance, put the toilet seat down, don't make that "gulping" noise when you drink, don't fart as soon as you wake up, don't yawn/yell when you stretch.  Yes, those little annoyance can be faded out & trust me you will love him more once all of those are gone. :)
15. Be Kind to Strangers.
You never know a simple smile or Hi could make there day.
16. Don't Judge.
I honestly can't say that I've learnt this 100% I try not to judge but everyone does and sometimes it's just out of habit.

17. Never Say Never.
 I was one of those people that was a parent before actually being a parent. I was always saying "OMG my child will never do that..." HA boy was I wrong I did almost everything I said I never would simply because that's what worked or that's what my child liked.  It's plain and simple you never know until you experience something what you will do.
18. Never give up on someone.
This one is a tough one for not only me but also my husband.  It's hard to sit and watch a parent just be so destructive with their life.  It's hard to watch a sibling take the brute of the desicions the parent is making. It's especially hard to watch your own child not know his grandparent.  It's hard to find a balance on what you should be doing to help the person and just leave it be. 
that was tough for me to right but the truth hurts and frankly this one sucks.

19. Be the Change You want to see in... Others.
It is so much easier to change the way you do things if someone else needs to as well. For instance Jayce needed to begin watching what he ate so what better way to make sure he does it than do it with him.  Also, be kind to others and people will notice that and catch on to it.

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