Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So What Wednesday {1}

This week I am linking up with Shannon @ Life after I "dew" for...

Today I'm feeling a bit feisty. So, this week I'm saying So What if....
  • Yesterday was the first time in weeks that I actually cleaned my house instead of doing a quick pick up
  • Maddux is struggling with sleep right now... He'll get it eventually, right?
  • I feed my child french fries & ice cream it makes him happy & with the current food strike he's on I'm willing to do anything
  • I keep raising my prices on etsy-- Momma has to make money or it's not worth my time away from my family!
  • I LOVE Jersey Shore... everyone has their guilty pleasure & that is mine.
  • I haven't cooked dinner all week-- we ate at my parents last night.
  • people judge here on the interweb let them! You are YOU & you rock at that so let it go.  We are all grown ups & I'm over reading posts about people judging other  let's all remember if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all! It will solve a lot of problems here in the blog-sphere
That's all I have for now... I've recieved a couple of emails from my previous post {16 year old me} I'm hoping to address these with a follow up post soon!

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  1. some days my child subsists on french fries, chicken nuggets and ice cream alone! :)