Thursday, February 9, 2012


You read about it. You see it on the TV, on blogs, on pinterest, In real life.  You want it. You want that title.

That Perfect Mom. That Perfect House. That Perfect Blog. That Perfect Marriage. That Perfect Image.

I want it I strive for it... I strive to be that perfect mom, wife, blogger, etc.

But for me it means something so different than what others would define perfect.

As a mom... I let my child eat french fries, have a bottle to put him to sleep, not wear shoes 70% of the time, watch tv--not only at home but in the car, take a bath with more than a couple inches of water, eat chocolate chip cookies & cheeto puffs, I let him sleep with blankets, I don't let my child drink pop or juice (yet), I don't cloth diaper, I don't jump at his every want, I don't force him to eat things he acts like he doesn't like....
I do things my way. my style. The way I believe is right...for me & my child.

Not perfect to you but to me... Perfect.

My House... I leave toys out constantly, I let my child pull all the diapers off the shelf, My child has peed on the floor, I don't wash bottles daily, I sometimes have dirty dishes in my sink, There are piles of stuff on my table,  I don't cook daily, I don't dust or vacuum daily.  I don't always keep up on my laundry.  I do deep clean a couple times a week.
So, most days my house could be considered messy, but it gets clean... on my time... in my own way. 

Not perfect to you but to me... Perfect. (more like doable--for now)

My Blog... I don't have post scheduled for everyday, I don't have a schedule for blogging, I don't always post perfect pictures, I don't have the most organized layout, I don't always respond right away to my emails or comments, I do read your posts, I do read & reply eventually to all your comments,  I do post when I have something to say.
I'm always wanting to do some much more with my blog but, life happens.

Not perfect to you but to me... Perfect.

My Marriage... A lot of people say there is no such thing as a perfect marriage a perfect relationship-- I don't believe that for 2 seconds.  Marriage does take work, it takes time & effort.  I have 110% trust in my husband.  I believe in him I believe in us.  We have the same hopes, dreams and goals for our family... if you don't have the same hopes, dreams and goals you'll struggle. A perfect marriage is possible it's called happiness and contentment.  You can't always want that next best thing you need to realize that the best thing for you and your family is the man you met years ago and said I Do.
so marriage....

Not perfect to you but to me... Perfect.

My Image... I have gained weight & not just because of a pregnancy 11 months ago.  I have flaws.  I have opinions.  I don't always look my best.  I don't always watch what I say.  I don't do my hair most days, I do care if people don't like me, I do care what people think of me.
I always am wondering what people think of me, of my parenting choices, why people don't like me anymore, what I did wrong.  My Image... to me is a mom, a stay at home mom, a mom that doesn't get much of a break to do things for myself.

Not perfect to you but to me... Perfect.

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