Thursday, February 16, 2012

23 Life Lessons of My 23rd. {part 2}

7. Marriage is sooooo much more than what you think. 
 I mean that marriage is amazing I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is.... I mean you get to marry your best friend & experience a once in a lifetime kinda love.  That's crazy. That's awesome.  As long as you trust your partner, you love your partner & you communicate with you partner you can have a successful marriage.  Way to many people give up on marriage it's sad to see & I'm way to passionate about it to ever think about divorce.

8. Finding the bottom of a bottle doesn't cure anything it only causes problems.
I mean drinking socially and in a moderate amount is acceptable.  I prefer to just keep my distant on most days... I have a drink on occasion but I try to keep a sober mind for my sake and my sons.  After watching someone fight acoholism first hand you learn really fast that drinking doesn't solve any problems it only causes more.  It's so awesome to watch how great that persons life has become without alcohol!

9. No Bad Day is complete without brownie batter & doggy kisses.
So many days I would have a bad day & I would get home to a bowl of brownie batter & my sweet dog.  :) It really does solve anything.

10. The iPhone really is amazing.
I've only had my phone a few weeks but I'm in love already & I don't know how I went so long without it!

11. The love you have for your children is unexplainable.
you hear about it but to actually experience it first hand is just undescribable.

12. Baby Boys are JUST as awesome as Baby Girls.
Every girl dreams of having a little mini me & I am no exception but,  Maddux is such a joy and has just a bubble of a personality.  He's amazing. Boys really do rule! :)

13. Money--You'll never have enough.
Seriously, I think everyone including myself worries way to much about money & what it buys when really it shouldn't matter... Things shouldn't make you happy Moments should & Money can't buy all of those ;)

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