Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday...

To the greatest man I know...
My dad.

Growing up I never realized how lucky I was... looking back now I can't believe I missed out on hanging out with and spending time with someone so amazing.
He seriously means the world to me & I know I do to him.
I couldn't ask for a better hero in life.
He does anything and everything I ever ask of him.
He does a lot that goes unnoticed.
The day I walked down the eisle to marry the man of my dreams he was right next to me...
calming the nerves that were beginning to come over me
holding me up as I took in every moment of walking down the isle
and the greatest blessing of all from that day...
supporting my decision and giving us the blessing to become one

The Day I gave birth to my own child...
he never left my side
he was patient and overjoyed as we waited to welcome our baby boy.
The one thing I remember though is  my mom and jayce who were the ones holding my legs as I pushed this miracle out he sat back on the couch just waiting..and once Maddux was out and they went to clean him up and weigh him etc. I laid on the bed in pain as the doctor took care of me, cleaned me up, sewed me up...
He was the one who was their
He was the one checking on his baby...
He kissed my cheek and told me he loved me
and that I will always remember
He took over when the excitement of Maddux took over everyone else...
This is one of many days...
Maddux is his world.
Seriously I couldn't have asked for a better Grandpa for my kid.
He loves him prolly more than his own kids. ;)
He is seriously is hands down the best Grandpa ever.

You are the greatest and we are so lucky to have such an amazing dad,grandpa, friend & hero.
You are wonderful!
Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday Dad!
Love ya Forever!

The Wilcox Family

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