Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rant of all Rants.

Let me just tell you if you don't want to hear me complain... like a lot then just go on up to the top right of the screen and click that little x... yep go ahead because that is the mood I'm in.  I'm just needing to complain about pretty much anything and everything & this is just to make me feel a little better--I hope (& if it doesn't then my day isn't going to have a shot in the world to be a good one) so let's begin, shall we?

  • I'm deleting pretty much everyone and their brother on facebook--you don't tell me my kids cute, we don't need to be friends.
  • Seriously rddaffvttekkn needs to stop being a copy cat-- like it's creepy? Does she not realize what a creep she looks like? She's not even copying me but damnnnn guys it's scary. Let me give ya a little run down. 
    • She has love child with fiance--this child is doesn't have a nickname, doesn't wear bows..notta she is a stay at home mom doing nothing extra on the side.
      • Her Idol has child has nickname for child and that child wears bows and flowers... this person is also a photographer/stay at home momma
        • Copy-Cat decides a)her child has the SAME nickname b) her child wears bows/flowers all the time and c) she is a photographer too
    • this list could go on and on and on and on... but I'm over this rant point in case she's a creepy stalker and I'm tired of reading her stupid status that are seriously a repeat of what her idol posts earlier in the week. for realzzz get a life--your own preferably.
  • I spent abot $60 on for xmas presents for Maddux got them in the mail today--they look poor... I bought 2 jackets and a jersey... seriously I could make all of it myself and make it look better than what I bought! I was so dissappointed--I did use coupon codes to get my price so low but this will be going back into the mail on Monday. I'll save my money for something else.
  • As I write this I'm working on my friends list on facebook like stated above--this is taking FOREV it's redic.  they should have a check all button but instead I have to do one person at a time.
  • Breaking Dawn--OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! But that damn ending--I don't read the books so I have no idea what is going on now & I can NOT wait for the other one to come out!
  • At breakfast today I read that copy cat's status that I spoke of earlier and I'm like seriously seriously Jayce this is just stupid she's so dumb blah blah blah and he's like wow Ashlee you just need to calm down and delete her your getting to worked up about nothing--I'm like woah okay whatever definately not the reaction I wanted or needed.
  • That Bday Party I went to last week--was seriously a joke everyone started to fight and I'm just sitting their with Hubs and one of my friends Boyfriends like seriously girls and guys were not in high school anymore just shut up and move on--it was redic
    • They played Beer Olympics--we came in 3rd--we weren't going to participate until we thought of the perfect team name... Team Use To Be--get it? As soon as my friends found out I was expecting I became invisible to them pretty much they NEVER came around and only 3 of them came to my baby shower it was a joke and since having Maddux only a one of them are really a part of his life so our name was saying we used to be friends we used to be cool we used to party we used to be the center of the group and now we aren't anything... and the back had a maid sweeping away our team like they just swept our friendship away--yeah it was awesome! :)
  • Hubs New Job Offer is seriously stressing me out.  Hardcore--I think that's where all this ranting is coming from...stress.
  • I may do a post for this topic and this is totally another issue that is causing these rants... ever since having Maddux I get the WORST stomach aches ever. Like I start to shake I'm in so much pain I've tried to find a pattern to them but there really isn't one. I had one of these stomach aches last night during breaking dawn--it was so hard to focus on the movie... I'm to the point where I want to go to the doctors for it.
  • Oh let me address this one too while it just popped in my head--we ran into one of Hubs co-worker their dauter is about 2 months older than Maddux and we were of course talking kids and something was said about how Maddux has a tooth about to burst thru the gums--or so it feels & he's like well my kid had teeth at this age... then we mentioned how maddux started real crawling a couple weeks ago and he's like my kid do this... and so on.  I know I'm proud of my kid but seriously if your a one upper let's just not be--we are talking about babies you make think your baby is better than mine but it's not.  So, let's stop comparing and just move on and be happy for the other person.
  • There are like... 6-7 people that had babies around the same time as Maddux you would think that we would like talk babies and be friends--eh, no.  I'm not like outgoing outgoing but wouldn't mind to make some mommy friends that have kids the same age as Maddux but then again that's when the whole one upper thing comes into play and I don't want to deal with that.
  • The other day I had one of the worst days ever.  I got my car stuck--yes stuck like in the mud. I was running SUPER late to Maddux's Doctors appt. I got pulled over and recieved a "talking" more like a yelling and spanking it was unacceptable and inappropriate on the cops part and a ticket that is going to cost me at least a third of one my Hubs paychecks.  The cop also lied stretched the truth about my speed... I dont even think he clocked me because my fuzz buster NEVER went off not once. but anyone 19.4 over the speed limit yeah I'd say it's going to be a pretty chunk of money... also the threat of going to court for child endangerment yep it happened like I said he was crazy rude and mean and made me cry.... having a bad day and took it out on me... I think he needs a little God in his life.
  • There is a girl on facebook that announced she was pregnant about a month ago and is saying that she needs to go to the doctor to get something done I don't even know the term anywho I guess it's serious and she needs it done like... now but doesn't have insurance or a job and either does her husband they already have one kid so they have to know how expensive a baby is--what the hell are you doing with internet if you can't even afford to go to the doctor and potentially save your childs life.  I just don't get people BABIES COST MONEY A LOT OF IT--GO GET A JOB AND STOP BEING LAZYYY (they both had jobs seriously like 2 weeks ago how do you both quit your jobs and think its ok)
um... I think I'll be done for now. I hope I didn't offend anyone--I just needed this. I needed it to make me feel better & it did. sorta :)

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  1. Sorry you're having a rough week! That cop sounds like a real ahole. Sometimes we need a good rant!