Tuesday, November 8, 2011

$$ Save Money $$

I have blogged about this before (here) but I feel the need to blog about it again...

Amazon Mom & Amazon Subscribe & Save

I have NEVER and will NEVER purchase diapers from the store... why you ask?
Because I would litterly just be throwing my money away.

I purchase 1 economy size box of diapers a month (size 2=246 diapers size 3=222 diapers)

I am paying A LOT less than what people are at the store. 

I went to Wal-mart and people are paying around $25 for a 120 pack of size 2 diapers seriously this amazes me... I am getting DOUBLE the diapers for only.... $33 dollars--you read that right only 8 more dollars than what someone buying there diapers at walmart are paying for theirs. 

So EVERYONE needs (that uses disposable diapers) needs to head on over to amazon & you need to become an amazon mom to get the full discount

but you also need to order them through subscribe and save program let me give you some more information on that.


*Cheaper products--added discount
*Most products come in bulk packages--so less hassle
*you can cancel your subscription at ANY time
*you can skip an order
*you can have your order come sooner than scheduled
*you can change your subscription at ANY time

Seriously guys just go check it out... I truly believe this is something everyone should do
Click on whatever brand you use and it will take you to the amazon page & you can get signed up & start saving your money! :)

I have also added these to my side bar to the right! :)
I really think this is important and just really want people to realize how much of a rip off buying diapers at wal-mart or target is...
UNLESS you can get your diapers for free which is possible with coupons and such but if you can't do that then I recommend heading on over to amazon and takin advantage of this deal

Oh & Don't forget about the deal I posted yesterday! $18 for 11 x 14 Canvas Print!! Just Click HERE!

** For some reason when I ordered another one this morning I only got $5 plum bucks so I ended up getting the deal for $23... still a awesome deal if ya ask me! :)


  1. We do this...and it's the BEST deal ever. We buy 188 diapers in size 3 for around 30 bucks and FREE SHIPPING :] I really don't understand why people don't use amazon mom+subscribe and save

  2. Awesome! Thank you!!! I'm so going to do this from now on!