Monday, November 14, 2011

A quick update: bedtime, paci, etc.

I'm sure you have noticed that I was doing awesome on posts I mean for awhile I was scheduled out for over a week and now I've been absent.  So lets play a little catch up before I rush off to bed.

  • Bedtime-- This "was" is going awesome.  But then Maddux gets off schedule when he has a night away from home--which is fine because Grandma & Grandpa are amazing. & I have NO complaints when he is with them but when he is there he is rocked to sleep and has my mom in the same room as him and is picked up at every little fuss which is totally ok because she's grandma but at home he doesn't he is laid down awake and if he wakes up in the middle of the night he has to put himself back to sleep with no consoling (it sounds meaner than what it is...I promise)  So last night and tonight hasn't been the best bedtimes but it is what it is and it will go back to normal in the next day or two.
  • Paci- You guys read my concerns and what not with the whole paci attachment stuff and well the next day I decided to go cold turkey and let me tell you... it went AMAZING. He went down for both naps and bedtime with no fussy at all which was great he only cried in the car and I didn't cave.  Day # 2 was the night he spent with my parents and well that night he got it once he fell asleep which is fine and yesterday (day #3) he didn't have it at all but was super cranky and was not going to bed for us so we let him get up and at that time we contemplated giving him the paci well also during that time Maddux fell... he fell hard and hit his head... :( it was super sad and we gave him his paci to help sooth him and I was so upset from him falling I didn't want him to cry anymore that night that I put him to bed with it.  He didn't get it after that tho and has went all day without it.  He did cry himself to sleep at both naps and now for bedtime but he only cried for maybe 10 mins so it hasn't been to bad.  I'm so proud of him and us for letting this go so easy :)
  • Well like you just read Maddux had his first big spill he was standing next to the couch and I was holding onto him but he had turned himself around so I went to go switch the position of my hand and just as I let go he fell so fast and so hard it was horrible. I called the doc on call in his peds practice and asked if I needed to take him to the ER and stuff but he said no and to just go in and wake him up 4 hours after he falls asleep and to make sure the swelling goes down which he woke up fine for me and the swelling went way down overnight. He just has a bruise and small lump right above his eye now. 

Well guys that's your quick little update.  Hopefully I catch a break soon and can write some posts to keep up again.

Oh &&&
Hubs has 2 interviews this week
Both of them are with awesome companies in our community
He actually had one today (this one would be his 2nd choice & he will know if he is offered a job tomorrow)
& the 2nd one is on Thursday at 5
so please please please say some prayers for him...
I want baby #2 soon and that can only happen if he gets a new job ;)

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  1. thinking positive thoughts for your fam {and hubs}

    paci. sigh. cut the silicone part off... that did it for my son. he just kept saying broken broken... and finally threw it in the trash himself.