Friday, November 4, 2011

Make New Friends....

How do you do just that?
I mean seriously I'm just over this whole friend situation.
 I love my old high school friends but I just don't "connect" with them.  I mean they will always be my friends but until they are on the same chapter of life as me we will never "connect" like we used to ya know?
 I just struggle daily with not having anyone that is going through the same things as me so I have only my husband to talk to.
I do have a couple of mommy friends but I want best mommy friends ya know?
 I know friendship takes time butttt.... I want to just be able to text someone and tell them about my bad day or just swing on in for a playdate and likewise... I want to be able to gossip and just relax. I just want that best friend relationship with someone on the same level as me!

I feel like life just happens and all the sudden your stuck in the middle of it-- alone. 

I mean I have my husband and I have my mother and they are my true best friends but I just still feel like there is something missing. 

I need some friends.  Tell me where to find them or what I gotta do to get them because I miss having them! :)


  1. Hi there,

    I just found your blog through the restless blog hop, and I wanted to say that I've gone through the same thing - it is SO hard to make friends, especially once you're no longer in school. I've gotten to the point where I have my boyfriend, family and about 2-3 close friends and I'm happy with that amount. I think it's the quality of the relationships you have, rather than the quantity.

    Anyway, if you have a chance, please check out my blog too.


  2. Hey Ashley! Just found your blog through the blog hop - and I can totally relate to you right now! I just moved from NY to FL and it's so hard finding friends - especially other mommies. I'm going to see if the public library has a story time of some sort so I can maybe meet other moms and get some books for my little one - maybe there's one around you too? Good luck : )

  3. Ah sorry I spelled your name wrong - I meant to write Ashlee! : )

  4. I think you would be suprised how many other mommies feel the same way (I do)! I understood everything in your post. I have my old high school friends that I see 4 or 5x a year for a nice dinner/drinks... but that's about it. Family is amazing, but it's hard not having that 'best friend' connection. You should link this post up with caseywiegand today!

  5. oh- and I am visiting from the Y&R blog hop!

  6. If you find the answer for your question where to find them or what to do to get them... let me know! I miss having them, too!

  7. I totally understand, it is hard to relate to your friends when they don't have kids yet. I am looking forward to when they "catch up" :)