Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things People Say...

I swear some people don't think before they speak.

First of all maybe I'm not right but you don't talk to strangers and you especially don't touch them. 

I'm  a friendly person but I don't just walk up to someone while they are eating dinner and talk to them when I have no clue who they are.

Well this past week a couple things have happened.

1- Maddux was called FAT... yes fat people not chubby not chunky just plain FAT.-- unacceptable I think so.


2. Maddux has been referred to as a girl on 2 different occasions.  A GIRL??

Let me elaborate on these subjects.

We were going out to dinner and my husband being the kind man that he is decides to hold the door for a family leaving the restaurant--mind you we live in Indiana so the weather was ridiculous but as this family is walking out this little girl makes the comment "awwww look at the baby he's so cute" & the mom instantly fires back..."Yeah a FAT baby" and she didn't even say this in a nice cheerful voice. No. She was snarky and rude about.  I instantly said as she walked away and her husband was thanking my husband for holding the door.  OH MY GOD did you seriously just hear what that lady just said? I'm like she just called him Fat.  My sweet 7 month old FAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? A baby is not fat--what is wrong with our society... if you can seriously look at a little baby that can't even walk yet and call them fat you seriously have problems and I feel very sorry for your kids. 
What upset me the most about this lady calling my child fat was the fact that she said it right in front of him and was rude.  I know Maddux doesn't understand what that mean lady said but it's just the fact that it's like really, you couldn't wait until you got to the car to say that? I mean it was just uncalled for... it took everything I had to just stay calm and not strangle this lady.

Now... on to the next issue.

Maddux looks like a girl... I think not.

This has been said on 2 different occasions both times by elderly people
the first time maddux had on jeans his purdue shirt and his cubs hat & the second time he had a gap onsie with old style cars all over it.  Neither outfits at all resembling something I would ever put a little girl in. 
I personally just feel like if you are unsure about what a baby is then just shut your mouth and don't say anything.  Tonight was the second time it happened and the old lady went out of her way to come over and comment on how it wasn't fair that we were making --"her it's a girl right?" uh no lady he's all boy--eat cheerios while we had wings. It's like really just really?  My husband was like Seriously he doesn't look anything like a girl... oh well I guess I would rather have him referred to as a girl than fat any day. 

But Moral of the story is....
& let me leave you all with a picture of my sweet healthy baby boy


  1. Oh my word. People seriously need to keep their mouths shut before they know without a doubt what and who they are talking about! They are so rude!

    You have a very precious baby boy that I could seriously squeezeeee because he's so darn cute!!

  2. i will never understand why some people just don't have a filter. my boys as babies have been mistaken for girls. i always wondered if you are not sure, why not even say something because if you're wrong you look back.

    in one ear out the other. you're little guy is adorable :)

  3. People are just plain nuts! Your sweet baby boy is precious!! :-) My hubby and I just had a baby boy and people always ask if it's a boy or a girl.