Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Really Baby #2?

First of all, How do you know when your really "ready" to try for baby #2?

Jayce & I have talked and decided to start trying for this bundle of joy in December...
we have also had talks where we aren't sure if thats really what we want.

Do I really want 2 under 2?
2 in diapers?
2 unable to fully express themselves?
2 babies?

When I think of it like that is scares me... a lot.
But then I think of...
a sweet sweet cuddly newborn
the love I have for Maddux and how I can't wait to feel that all over again
and the big one that gets me...
the future.
the relationship my children would share being so close in age.
&& that my friends...
makes me want to grab the hubby and make our way to the bedroom baby #2.

But seriously, how do you know?

I think we are ready.
I know we can handle it.
I know we will love it.
I know we can afford it.

I also have the concern of how would Maddux take this?
a new baby?
He's my baby & I don't ever want him to think someone else has taken his spot.

I'm just so torn.
but at the sametime each month when flow comes to visit it's such a weird upset feeling I get.
Hubs & I aren't trying to have another baby and we have had only 1 time where another baby really couldve happened but theres always always a small chance so each month it's like...
a small dissapointment when I'm not pregnant.

Any thoughts on Baby #2?
Any advice on what to do?


  1. Speaking from experience, you are never truly ready for a baby! When my hubs and i decided to try for number two, at the time we could afford it. But we also got pregnant after less than a week of trying, we both thought it would take a while. Then just a week after Archer was born Matt got laid off from work , which we didn't plan for. At all.

    Despite this, I don't regret having baby number two. The bond my boys already share is incredible. I'm pretty sure Nolan doesn't feel replaced at all, he has adjusted so well and loves "his baby".

    I say go for it!

  2. colton was 22 months when braedon was born. now they are 2 & 4. it was challenging then, some days it still is, but is totally worth it :) so much fun & i think you would be surprised how much a toddler can love on their sibling. my kids are so close in age, they are brothers, play mates, best friends. i hope they always will be.

    if you always wait till the time is right, it will never happen, the time will never be perfect.

    go for it :)