Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012:: UP Costume-- Carl

This year Maddux was the old man "Carl" from UP! His costume was the easiest-- I only wish he would've let me get a better picture of him!
I love homemade costumes! I think they look so much better than the store bought ones last year Maddux was a ocotopus!
The idea came from HERE
I'm going to give you a list of all the items we used & where we purchased them from!
Costume Specifics
White dress shirt: Target
Brown Pants: Old Navy
Suspenders: Amazon
Shoes: Walmart
Coat: clearance item at Babies R US-- Info below
Glasses: Build-A-Bear
Balloons: Walmart-- Info below
Cane: Homemade-- Info below

The Coat Info::
Since we live in Indiana we really wanted to make sure Maddux would be warm on Halloween but we didn't want him to lose the look of his costume so when my mom saw the coat on clearance at BRU we knew it would be perfect!
The Cane::
As you can see in the pictures above the cane was homemade-- my parents actually put this together for us! They purchased pvc pipe from home depot and cut it to madduxs height then connect the pieces spray painted it black & then they added the tennis balls to the end! It was a simple DIY that again I felt really tied the outfit together! :)

I don't know what made me go into Build-A-Bear to look for glasses but I'm SO glad I did! They fit his little toddler face perfectly! I hated how all the other glasses were falling off his face & he hated it too!

The Balloons::
We used about 15 balloons! We blew up them ourselves with the helium tank we then tied them to the ribbon and attached that to a clip that made it easy to attach or take off of him when getting in and out of the car.  Other costumes I saw simply had the balloons attached to something else that wasn't part of the outfit and they would sit them in the pictures but I wanted people to get the full effect whenever they saw him so this is what worked for us!

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