Friday, November 16, 2012

How we announced Baby #2 aka Mystery Baby

Like I said earlier this week we found out on Hubs bday so I wanted to make it special for him! I had been thinking I was pregnant the previous weeks but hasn't mentioned it a whole lot because all the months of having AF come it was a let down and I tried to not get myself or anyone else to excited! I had also taken a pregnant test the week prior with it coming up negative which lead me to believe that August wasn't our month.

Well fast forward to hubs bday I wake up and decide to pee on the stick because I was suppose to start that day! Well much to my surprise I see 2 lines! I instantly call the doctor they say I can come in for blood work so I rushed down to the doctors with Maddux at my side to get this blood done as soon as possible so I can get the results back so I can tell Jayce all the specifics when he got off work that afternoon!

We go down get the blood work and hubby calls and wants to grab a quick lunch with us in about a hour or 2 so I run to Walmart and grab some plain white shirts and some fabric paint markers and go home on a mission!

I made a shirt that said::
only child EXPIRING May 2013

Luckily I got it on him as hubs was pulling in the drive way! He got out of his truck and walked over notices his shirt held him up and read his shirt and looked at me and was like seriously? Then they spun around jumped up and down that sort of thing! A truly special moment that I will forever remember and cherish!

I personally wanted to hold off announcing it to most of or family and friends but it was his birthday and he was proud so that wasn't the case he wanted everyone to see Madduxs shirt! We went over to my parents even though my mom already knew due to my uncontrollable excitement and needing to tell someone! We also had dinner with Jayces parents and siblings that night so they all found out and to top it off he posted a picture of him and Maddux on Facebook so it was quickly announced to everyone the day we found out I was only around 3-4 weeks!

baby's first picture!
*around 7 weeks*
baby's second picture!
*9 weeks 3 days!*


  1. Oh that is so cute! We announced publicly with a t shirt for Liam that said Big Brother and a caption that said "being promoted March 2013".
    I'm super excited for you! Congrats, it looks like this spring will be an adventure for the both of us!!!

  2. I love the "only child expiring" t-shirt. So cute! Congrats!