Monday, November 19, 2012

Show & Tell Monday:: Gobble Gobble!

This week I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for Show & Tell Monday!
I haven't linked up to this post since I just recently came back from my break!
So if your dropping by for the first time let me take a second and first of all thank you for stopping by & second let me tell you a little about myself!

I'm a twenty something momma with a 20 month old son, Maddux, I'm married to my very best friend & high school sweetheart, Jayce.  I'm a SAHM that does a little etsy shop on the side! We are 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 aka Mystery baby! I love the blogging community and finding fellow momma's-- it's so nice to find people you can relate to and understand what each other are going through! Thanks again for stopping by!

Let's get to these questions!
1. Tell us about your family traditions for Thanksgiving
We have a pretty simple busy day filled with food & family get togethers!

2. Tell us about your favorite foods
I get SO excited about the turkey! I enjoy all of the food but the Turkey is by far my favorite!  This year I'm making a pumpkin roll and oreo truffles for our get togethers!

3. Show us a picture that reminds you of this holiday
 I came home from school for Thanksgiving & that's when Jayce popped the question!!

4. Tell us, do you wait to decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?
Growing up we always decorated the day after Thanksgiving since moving out I procrastinate... A lot! I think it's the hassle of getting everything out--I'm not sure because I LOVE Christmas so I wish I loved the decorating part but that's probably my least favorite! Hubs is a grinch when it comes to decorating too! He always complains and asks why we HAVE to put up a tree--yeah, it's that bad!

5. Tell us what you are thankful for this year
This year I'm thankful for the health of my family, the miracle of finally getting pregnant, my crazy amazing toddler, my responsible loving husband, the worlds greatest parents, my home, the little things in life that so many don't get the comfort of enjoying & a wonderful church home! I'm sure I could ramble on and on about this I think the older I get the more I feel blessed!

I hope you all have wonderful week!!
Are any of you going Black Friday shopping?? If so what's on your shopping list??
I go every year even if I don't need anything!! :)
I love it!!


  1. Pumpkin roll is my favorite!
    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Hubs swears it's the most delish thing ever ;)

      I on the other hand don't like pumpkin or cream cheese so I've never tried it! :)

  2. Awwww you married your HS sweetheart how fun is that?!?! Love it! Your little is so presh and I bet you can't wait to find out what your mystery babes is. Are you wanting to know or secret? My bff found out first time around and second one they did suprise I knew all along it was a boy! We kidded her she already had her girl that's why she wasn't anxious to know if the babes was a boy or girl lol! Oreo Triffle sounds amazing! Your family is so cute!

    I have to give you a big puffy heart for saying your Thankful for your health and your families health. So many take it for granted I was one of them until I lost my health so thank you so much for saying that girl!


    1. Summer! Thanks so much for your comment! We are waiting until babe is here to learn the sex!! I thought I would be itching to know what it is but I'm actually really content with not knowing... I don't even really have an opinion on what babe is! Crazy, I know!