Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Etsy Shop:: Spread the News

I haven't done much advertising lately & I haven't focused a ton on building my shop
But I'm getting more and more into it & want to watch it grow & build.
If you would be interested in possibly having a giveaway or even showcasing one of my products on your blog please email me-- the product would obviously be free of charge to you for your advertising!
Also, If you offer sponsers on your blog and think my shop would fit your readers needs please feel free to email me as well!
Now onto the products I offer
Disney Cars Invitation
 Dinosaur Invitation
Dr.Seuss Invite
Mickey Mouse Invite
 Pastel Birthday Invite
Train Invite
I also offer custom wedding favors.
I create personalized CDs & CD covers.
I offer these in 2 different ways--either you can DIY & I just create the Cover and email you the high resolution file & you print and do everything on your own
I create the cover, print the cover, create all the cds and assemble all the parts & ship you the final product.
Here are some examples of ones I have created::
Please take a look at my shop!!

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