Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maddux-- 20 Months!

My last update of Maddux was 11 months! Can't believe how much has changed since then... I mean I thought he was full of personality and fun then but oh em gee this child is a hoot and forever changing and growing it's just so much fun! :)

Weight: 30 lbs
Diaper Size: 4
Clothes Size: 24 months or 2T

This was Maddux on Halloween
We celebrated his second Halloween & he was Carl from the movie UP!
I will do a post on his costume soon! :)

Maddux is talking allllll the time
he is starting to say 2-3 word sentences
such as
Hi Mommy!
I don't know!
his vocabulary is awesome his doctor was impressed at how well he's talking!

His favorite toys are::
Stuffed animals
his car slippers
He also loves playing with his cousins!

Maddux is a complete joy at this age.
He's busy and demanding but so much fun!
It's so much fun watching his imagination go wild!
We love this little boy with every ounce of us and thank God for him daily!
How about you guys? Any of you have kids Maddux's age?

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  1. Happy 20 months Maddux!
    I wanted to stop by and make sure I follow your blog and thank you for your comment on my WBW post. Our husbands do sound a lot alike and our boys are only 10 days apart!
    He is a cutie by the way, I LOVE his halloween costume. Good job on that one!

    Jessie @ Life with the Larsons