Friday, November 30, 2012

"The E-Card"

This E card. I mean seriously?
Whoever made this and all of the women reposting this with captions like.
Grow a pair & STFU (the worst I've seen)
I'm not trying to stir anything here up here but I feel this way on a daily basis
SAHM should try this and then complain
all of those captions infuriate me!
This e card infuriates me!
I totally get that people think SAHM's are just lazy women that don't want to get a job.  I have heard from not only my own husband but others that what I do (or their wife does) is no walk in the park... It's hard. It's exhausting.  It's draining. 
That they strong, responsible, respectable husbands and dads wouldn't want the job of staying at home with the kids. 
A stay at home mom has no set hours.  We don't get sick days. We don't get "breaks" from our kids.  We don't get the socialization.  We don't get paid in any cash form.  We don't get a lunch break. 
We don't get nor want someone else raising our children. 
I'm not saying that a full time working mother likes the fact that their child is with somone else for the majority of the day.  All I'm saying is I worked at a childcare facility for 3 years before having Maddux and after practically raising numerous children I knew I didn't want that for my own. 
I knew I was the one that wanted to teach my kids to walk.
I knew I wanted to be the one to potty train my kids.
I knew I wanted to be the one to teach my kids their ABC's & 123's.
I knew I wanted to teach my kids to tie their shoes.
It's simple if you are able to stay home with your kids it's a no brainer take advantage of it but it's not for everyone.  I understand competely that some people choose to work and that's fine just don't bash on SAHM's when they need a chance to vent just like you.
Overall, I think this E Card is rude and so disrespectful. 
Personally I prefer this one. ;)


  1. hahahaha the second one cracks me up!! monster chasers and hookers lol

  2. Not everyone is lucky as u to be able to stay home. Try being a single parent its even harder. I have to work and parent alone with no help what so ever. U have it easy I gotta say.

    1. I take it you would post and support a post like this? No one has it easy we're all parents trying to do the best we can. You made the choices that have got you to where you are in life, I'm sorry if you think my path is easier than yours. I posted this to simply express how frusterating it is when people view stay at home moms like this not to get told exactly the same thing that frusterates me. Thanks for your comment anyways & hopefully someday you get to experience the "easy" life.

  3. Oh that makes me so angry! I was a full time nanny before I had my son and when the woman I worked for had a day off, she would go run errands while I watched the baby... we have to run errands WITH the baby. We don't get to call in sick or take vacation time. I understand that not everyone can or wants to be a stay at home mom, but just because that is the full time job we chose doesn't mean we're lazy or have it easy.

    And I hate the stereotype that we must be wealthy if we can stay at home. That's not the case. My husband and I are struggling financially, but we chose to sacrifice the luxuries that an extra income would give us in order to have our children raised by their parents.

    I think it's awesome that you are brave enough to post this!

  4. AMEN!
    Thank you for this post.
    I think the important thing here is to not bash anyone's choices or way of life. Yeah, we all have it hard. Staying home is hard, working is hard, raising kids as a single parent is hard, ect.
    I think as women and as moms we should come together and support each other in our roles instead of bashing or comparing ourselves. We are all different and we all have different circumstances. We should be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.
    Thanks Ashlee for bringing this up. I must say though, I love the last E card! haha.