Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Bad Days.

We all have them right? I've had one I just spent the last 20 minutes laying on my laundry room floor in the dark in tears-- totally normal... Right?  I needed it. I needed to cry.  Even if it wasn't the first time today. 
My baby toddler has turned... he has for the most part always been a happy baby, an easy to please baby, a fun baby, a self entertainer (at times) Overall,  a dream baby! 
The past couple days this has been the opposite of my child--the complete opposite!
He's mean.
He's unhappy.
He's complicated.
He's needy.
He's whiny.
Let me tell you it's tough dealing with him I even have Jayce home with me and it's still hard. When one of us tries to sneak away to catch a break he won't have it because that's of course who he thinks he wants or needs at the time.  I'm not trying to complain but these days just suck.  These are the days that no one wants to deal with.  These are the days that you wish time away. These are the days that you feel like your crumbling.  These days make you question all of your parenting techniques.  These are the days where you wonder if you can handle anymore kids.
But then you always remember there is a tomorrow.  That these moods don't last forever. That things could be a lot worse. 
After I have that good cry... I look at all my pictures and remember that perfect baby I'm blessed with.  I remember we all have bad days, even them.  I remember I wouldn't trade even these bad days for anything.  I remember that I'm lucky to be his mom.  I remember I can handle anything & every day is a new one. 
& hopefully my baby is back to his normal self soon.  I miss this face.

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