Monday, November 12, 2012

We're BACK!!!

Hi! Hi! Hi! This break was much longer than expected-- I mean really I thought it would only be a couple weeks maybe a month... TWO at the most!

I've really missed writing... Putting all my thoughts, opinions & feelings down and out in the open! I've tried writing this exact post numerous time... But when I sat down the words didn't flow and that's how I knew I wasn't ready to come back but now my friends oh it's finally time! I hope some of you are still out there wanting to come back and follow this little blog of mine! I promise to try and be as consistent and reliable as possible!

Onto what's up with us... Well lets see when I left you all we were just getting ready to celebrate the big 1st birthday of Maddux and we had begun trying for baby # 2.


•Maddux is 20 months in just a couple of days!

•Maddux is quite the talker pand is turning into such a loving kiddo! He's just so much fun with his big personality!

•After 7 months of trying my husband and I were thrilled when we found out we were expecting but that was quickly ripped away 3 days after finding out we miscarried...

• 2 months later on Hubs 25th bday we found out once again we had a miracle baby on the way!!! Yes guys that means I'm 15 weeks pregnant!!!!

•Again, I'M PREGNANT!!

• this baby is our mystery baby-- we aren't finding out the gender and we couldn't be more excited about this decision!! :)

Ill return later this week for a bump update! I hope to hear from you guys! :)

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  1. Little man is SO big now. He's such a cutie!CONGRATULATIONS on baby numero dos! Maddux is gonna be a great big brother. Your hair has gotten so long! Your gonna drive me nuts with the suspense of baby #2's gender! lol!