About Us.

Wife to my best friend.
Momma to a precious baby boy.
I'm  love blogging.
I love to cook but struggle to do so.
I can't go a few hours without talking to my mom.
I have 2 furball babies:
Wrigley & Addison.
My love for my husband grows daily.

Loves Maddux.
A true Work-a-holic.
Gambles too much
First love was Chicago Cubs.
Has a passion for coaching.
Loves Sports.
Stands up for what he believes in.
Believes nothing is better than putting on a new pair of socks.

Maddux James.
Arrived March 15, 2011.
Is a spitting image of both momma & daddy.
Loves christian music, Mickey Mouse & basketball.  
Has his mommy & daddy wrapped around his finger.
Will have a love for the Cubs just like his daddy.
Is the greatest blessing God could give us.

(named after the Cubs stadium)
3 years old.
momma to 5 beautiful pups
loves attention

(named after one of the roads Wrigley Field is on)
2 years old.
One of the 5 precious pups.
Loves to play.